Two Heads and a Girl

a comic one-act fairytale opera inspired by an Indian legend_x000D_ Written by Borislav Čičovački_x000D_


Isidora Zebeljan


  • Ricordi Milano


  • 140800


  • PADMA, a young, remarkably beautiful girl - soprano_x000D_
    BATHI, a well-built young man, cheerful and somewhat lowly and FORMER BATHI, after the switch of the heads - baritone_x000D_
    CHANDRA, his friend, of the same age, smart, with pretty features FORMER CHANDRA, after the switch of the heads - baritone_x000D_
    GODDESS KALI, the All-Embracing One, Mother of all worlds and beings, Mistress of all wishes and joys, merged with Shiva,who is pensive and completely silent during the performance - soprano_x000D_
    PROPHET, a ragged, solitary old man with a long beard - mime-artist_x000D_
    STORYTELLER - an actor_x000D_
    CHILD (2-3 years old)_x000D_


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Anmerkungen zur Uraufführung

Siena, Teatro dei Rozzi, 12 luglio 2012_x000D_ Premil Petrovič direttore - Ran Arthur Braun regista e visual designer_x000D_


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